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Garage Door Repairs In Sheffield

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Garage door Repairs in Sheffield

We can repair any make or model, stocking a wide range of spare parts at our workshop. As your local, family-run company, we can ensure that you won’t have to wait long before we can assist you, cutting down on travelling time and focusing instead of fixing your garage doors. It’s important that we’re there when you need us, getting to your property in plenty of time.

Comprehensive services to ensure that everything is fully functional

Our repairs start from as little as £55+ VAT and we even guarantee not to be beaten on price. If you’ve found anything cheaper then give us a call and we’ll promise to match it. We offer a comprehensive range of repair services, specialising in quick assessments and diagnostics on your garage doors. Don’t worry if you can’t find the problem, our expert staff with ensure that your issues are resolved with the least amount of disruption.

Professional Repair Team

When garage doors break down they are often not operational at all which can be a huge inconvenience. One of the most common faults is that the springs break, These are the components that join the door to the frame. We carry locking springs in stock that fit the doors of most manufactures and our expert team of garage door mechanics can get your door back up and running as soon as possible. Garage doors can also suffer from problems with the automatical parts. Issues with the safety edges are not uncommon, if your door stops on the way down this could well be the problem. If your door is struggling to open this is most likely a motor issue, If this is the case do not use the door and phone and let us make it safe and functioning again.

What are the advantages of repairing your garage door

Repairing your garage door can be the most beneficial investment you can make on your property. This comes with a multitude of benefits including:

Cost Savings – Repairing the garage door is generally the cheaper choice compared to replacing the entire thing. By catching issues and damage early, allows a simple, cost-effective fix which if left, would most likely worsen and become more expensive. This could result in the replacement of the whole door which is a costly investment.

Extended Lifespan – Correct, professional installation, alongside careful, regular maintenance can prolong the expected lifespan of your garage door. Fixing minor issues quickly prevents the escalation into more significant problems.

Improved Functionality – Repairing a garage door that doesn’t function properly, allows it to work to its best. Whether it be the springs, tracks, opener, or sensors, Able Garage Doors are experienced and skilled enough to handle any repairs your garage door requires.

Improved Security – If properly maintained and any needed repairs fixed quickly, the garage door will continue to provide high security for your property and the possessions inside. Breaks or damage to the garage door allows it to be easily breached, by repairing these, the purpose of the door remains of high quality.

Convenient & Easy to Use – Garage doors are pivotal in our daily routine. A broken or faulty door can significantly cause inconvenience. Repairing issues such as noise when opening and shutting, or erratic movement will enhance the overall convenience and ease of use.

Raised Curb Appeal – A garage door is an extremely prominent feature in everyone’s home and its exterior. Repairing any visible damages can improve the property’s appearance and the curb appeal will dramatically rise. With a fully functioning, attractive garage door, the value of your home will also rise.

Energy-Efficiency – Garage doors can develop gaps or the weatherstrip can become damaged, this as a result can cause drafts and allows heat to escape your home. By repairing this, the heat in your home can remain in the property and make your house more cost-effective.

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Our garage door supply, installation and repair, is offered across the whole of Sheffield, including the surrounding areas. If you’re uncertain about where we cover, then speak with one of our staff today. Call us today on 01142 476 597 or on 07854 697 195 today and get your free no-obligation quote.

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