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At Able Garage Doors we aim to cater for every preference, providing a comprehensive range of affordable roller shutter solutions & garage doors.

Our selection of non-insulated roller doors come in a variety of manufactures and finishes, giving you full control over the end product and offers a wide range of protection to your property. 

You can choose between textured wood grain and standard panels, all available to you at affordable rates and with an array of different colours. 

As well as non-insulated garage doors we also supply and install insulated garage doors, which provide a great range of heat retention and insulation to your garage or property. 

Competitive prices on all of your roller shutters

We understand the importance of offering you quality services at extremely competitive prices. Your satisfaction comes first, and with our non-insulated roller options, there’s no excuse for second-rate service. 

We want you to be involved in the entire process, from selecting your garage door, all the way to us putting the finishing touches on your installation. To hear more about our affordable range of non-insulated rollers, give our garage door experts a call today.

What are the benefits of roller shutter doors?

When it comes to garages, roller doors are increasing in popularity. Over recent years, more and more homeowners have made the switch to roller shutter doors for their garages. This type of door comes with a whole host of benefits including:

• Security – These types of doors are known for their durable nature. Roller Shutter Doors are constructed to withstand heavy pressure, they are made out of traditionally strong materials such as stell or aluminium. This will help protect your homes from potential intruders and housebreakers.

• Weather Protection – One thing that is guaranteed with the UK weather is its unpredictability. The protection that roller doors offers makes them an ideal choice for your garage. No matter the weather, however extreme, your garage will remain protected keeping it dry and safe from damage.

• Space-Saving Design – The way these types of doors open is vertically, and it rolls up so it doesn’t restrict the space. It fits perfectly into a compact coil above the frame of the door. This design gives you more space that wouldn’t be available with other types of doors. This allows you to make the most of your area.

• Easy Operation – These specific types of doors are usually remote controlled therefore eliminating the need for manually lift the door making them a perfect solution for your garage, especially if you have physical impairments.

• Insulation – The insulation options that come with Roller Shutters help you to control the overall temperature inside your garage. In the UK’s variable temperature, this amount of control can prove to be very useful. It can keep the space warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer allowing you to use your garage all year round without the need for extra heating/cooling systems.

• Noise Reduction – Roller Shutter Doors can be a useful way of reducing the noise of the surroundings of your house and by doing this, it allows you to create a quieter, stress free environment within your garage. This is very beneficial, especially if you use your garage for certain activities such as a home gym or a space to build DIY projects.

• Customisable – The range of colours and finishes that Roller Doors come in are endless. With these features, it allows you to have the choice of colour and finishes that suit your style and the aesthetics of your home. Additional features can be added such as ventilation or windows. The design and choice is completely yours.

Why Choose a roller shutter door?

A roller garage door is an effective, efficient and economical purchase for any household. Roller garage doors are growing in popularity far beyond market expectations and when you take a look at the features and benefits it is easy to understand why. Able Garage doors offer a wide range of either aluminium or non-insulated single skin steel roller doors, all purpose-made and all available as either manual or electric operation. We only offer the best roller doors available in Sheffield right now, with the latest in technology, security features and colour finishes.

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up to 2.4 metres wide and 2.1 metres high
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