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Automatic Garage Doors

At Able Garage Doors, we start our remote control options at just £315, allowing you to benefit from this efficient and convenient means of driving into your home.

Avoid the cold weather and rain with a simple remote system located in the warmth of your car.

Control your garage door without ever having to step outside. We can supply and fit whatever you need.

Automated Garage Door Installation in South Yorkshire

With over 31 years’ experience in the industry, our family-run company can be relied on to look after you from start to finish. We are fully qualified to work on all makes, including Cardale Garage Doors, Garador, Gliderol, Henderson, Hormann and Wessex. We specialise in effective garage door solutions, ensuring that your remote control systems are fully operational before we leave.


What are the benefits of remote control doors?

Remote control doors are a modern feature for garages. They are a popular way to open your garage, especially if you are physically impaired. A multitude of benefits come with remote control doors including:

• Convenience – The biggest advantage of remote doors is the ease and convenience that comes when opening them. There is no need for physical strength or the need to leave your car. The latter is particularly useful in extreme weather conditions such as snow, heavy rain, or ice. To open the door, it just takes a press of a button on a remote or a smartphone via an app.

• Security – These types of doors come with advanced security features as they are typically built using a rolling code technology. This changes the access code each time the door is operated. This helps create a home with a high level of security. This raises the difficulty for burglars and criminals to gain access to your garage illegally.

• Safety – Safety is a design feature that cannot be missed. Sensors are used to detect obstructions as the door opens or closes. If something crops up in the path of the door, it will stop automatically and reverse to its starting place when the button is pressed.

• Energy Efficiency – The insulation that comes with a remote control door can lead to energy savings. Especially if you use your garage for more than just parking your vehicle.

• Improved Curb/Property Value – The variety of colours, styles, and finishes that are available when it comes to remote control doors. This allows you to choose all of the components needed to complement the aesthetics of your home. It can match the exterior and your personal style. This can raise the curb value. Remote control doors are seen as a feature used by wealthy owners. The convenience and ease of use, appeals to those looking to buy a house.

• Monitoring – When using a remote control or an app on your phone, you can check to make sure your garage is properly closed and secured. This is available to do, even when you’re not home.

• Longevity – Garage doors are built to withstand regular use as well as other extremities such as the weather conditions of the UK. Typically, these types of doors have a long lifespan as there are little to no maintenance requirements.

Remote Control Door Fitting

Our professional team of door fitting mechanical engineers have the experience, knowledge and qualifications to fit a fully mechanical remote control door with a mains power connection or with a fitted battery power source. Our team pride itself on the quality of their work and the adherence to safety and regulations to ensure your garage door works for years to come and is safe to use. We can attend the property take measurements and provide a full quote with an installation plan best suited to the style shape and size of your garage door opening.

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