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Installation of Up and Over Garage Doors in Sheffield

Up and Over garage doors are perhaps the most common model found today in the UK, providing you with safe and reliable solutions to opening your garage door. At Able Garage Doors we can offer you custom up and over designs, tailored to your unique tastes and specifications. Choose from our ribbed or panelled range, selecting from a variety of styles and colours, including steel, timber, PVC or GRP.

Custom Up and Over Garage Doors

All of our up and over garage doors are designed within a rigid box section chassis for additional strength and stability. They generally require very little maintenance, lasting for an exceptional amount of time before they need addressing. Whether you have a modern or traditional home, our up and over range can be customised to suit your specific requirements, offering a stylish solution to your garage door.

Durable and easily converted

Retractable up and over garage doors are one-piece overhead doors that swing out and up when opened, coming to rest completely inside the garage. This arrangement makes the door more robust and allows for a gentler opening and closing action and prevents any overhang and risk of external damage when open. Up and over garage doors continue to grow in popularity because they are specifically designed to be easily converted into an automatic opener or remote-control electric operation. With these types of garage doors, no cables are used during the lifting process. Instead, tracks are suspended from the ceiling with springs on each side to balance the door and allow easy manual lifting.

What are the benefits of up & over garage doors?

Garages are becoming increasingly popular in the UK with the most common method being an Up & Over garage door. Up & Over garage doors offer a whole host of advantages from space-saving to versatility. Some of the advantages include:

• Space-Saving Design – With these doors opening vertically, you can maximize all available space inside and outside the garage. If you have limited space on your driveway or any obstructions, opening vertically will not cause any space to be lost.   

• Easy Operation – The mechanism used for Up & Over garage doors is simple. The door panel is lifted up and then pushing it outwards to open. This makes them incredibly easy to operate whether it is operated mechanically or manually. Motorised options are available, but opening it manually is the most popular option for these garage doors.

• Versatile Styles & Finishes – The wide range of styles, finishes, and designs are one of the many reasons people are making the switch over to Up & Over garage doors. Whether you are looking for a traditional look or a more modern, sleek finish, Able Garage Doors have the skills and experience to give you what you need.  

• Durability & Security – The durability of these doors cannot be overstated. The high-quality materials that are used, provide excellent resistance to all weather conditions, high-impacts, and even intruders. This, in turn, raises the security of your garage and protects your home and belongings.  

• Easy to Maintain – There is very little, if any maintenance needed with these types of garage doors. Regular cleaning is needed to keep it looking fresh and brand new all year round. Alongside this, the occasional lubrication of the moving parts will keep your garage door working at its best. More often than not, the materials used for Up & Over garage doors have protected coatings that resist rust and fading over time, this eliminates the need for expensive maintenance down the line.

• Cost-Effective – Compared to other types of garage doors, Up & Over can be the cost-effective option. They often have the simpler installation process, making them the more affordable purchase option and with cheap and easy maintenance over time.

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